Pinned To History: How The Lapel Pin Became a Go-To Symbol

The lapel pin has enjoyed a long and, in its own small way, impactful history dating back to the development of enameling by the Egyptians. Today, one can encounter a myriad of colorful and symbolic pins on a variety of jackets, coats, and now hats. From an American flag on the jacket of a politician to the latest throwback pop culture reference on millennial denim, enamel lapel pins provide individuals with a smaller, removable way to further express themselves beyond just their choice of clothing. Pins can represent organizations, entire countries, or any group someone may be part of. In this infographic, we’ve briefly outlined the development of the lapel pin throughout history as well as some of the more notable uses of these pins in both the political realm and pop culture.

How the Lapel Pin Became a Goto Symbol

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